Boozhoo! Welcome

Welcome to our shiny new website. This is where we will post exciting things that are happening with Spirits Rising, including upcoming events, reflections, videos and pictures of our musical adventures (Miigwech/thank you to photographers Marcella Hadden and Linda Wan for contributing beautiful photos for us to use). We hope that you will join us on this journey of healing and discovery in music.

We made our debut performance as Spirits Rising in July of 2014 at Native Fest, a celebration of Indigenous culture sponsored by the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Since that time we have been working steadily on developing our collaborative songwriting process and have performed together at festivals, gatherings, and venues throughout the state of Michigan and beyond.

We began recording our songs in May 2015 with engineer Brian Woodring at Big Sky Studios in Ann Arbor. With the help of Brian and some amazing musicians (Gayelynn McKinney, Marion Hayden, and Mark and Lesley-Anne Stone), our songs have taken on new life and we are so excited to offer them to you today. They are not yet available for purchase but you can stream them all you want for free using the music player in the upper right sidebar. The songs will eventually become part of a full length album and we will let you know when you can buy your own!

In the mean time, please enjoy and share the music with your friends. As we continue to evolve and grow as songwriters and performers, we hope to also build community. We welcome people from all nations, tribes, and races into our circle. Music is a universal language, like love, and we are so grateful to share ours with you.

Joe and Allison, Spirits Rising

2 thoughts on “Boozhoo! Welcome

  1. Kerry OConnor says:

    Saw them perform yesterday at Orchestra Hall in Detroit. Everything about them is right, the words, the melodies and rhythms. The best music leaps walls and boundaries, and takes one’s heart with it, to places one doesn’t even know existed.


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